Saturday, November 15, 2008

Surf's Up Saturday- DIY Day!

In my efforts to keep the gifting simple this year I have gone through and picked some great DIY tutorials for all your crafty ladies to try. I am sure that there are a lot more great how-to's out there but hopefully these will get you started!

1. Quiet Book from Martha Stewart What a great idea, a page for each season and quiet felt and shapes to keep a child occupied during quiet times like a car ride and while waiting in a doctor's office!!

2. Paper Fortune Cookies by For the Love of Paper - A perfect centerpiece for a dinner or party, or just to keep on the table for a new fortune everyday!!

3. Beautiful but Easy Silhouette Display by Wondertime Magazine - I would love to try this technique for the girls, they are so classy and timeless!

4. Diaper Cake by Homemade by Jill - I have never had a diaper cake but if I did I would definitely want it to look like this! It is elegant and has room to add extras like socks and onesies. Perfect!!

5. Bird Mobile by Spool Sewing - Love Love Love this! In fact I love it so much that I put in a custom work request on Etsy to have people bid to make one for AJ's room! (If you are reading this and want the job let me know- I am sewing impaired!!) I don't know if this is an easy project or not, but it is too pretty to pass up!

1 comment:

Prasti said...

thanks for the crafty links. i like the book idea w/ the felt and the mobile.

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