Sunday, November 23, 2008

Surf's Up Sunday- Green Goes with Everything

When I go to the library most of the time I never really know what I am looking for. I will browse the various sections and I will just randomly pick up books to read. I do choose a book by it's cover (and it's intro on the back!) but this method rarely fails me. This week I happened to pick up a book called Green Goes with Everything by Sloan Barnett.

As soon as I started reading the intoduction I was hooked... and terrified at the same time. I wanted to run into the kitchen and throw away every cleaning product that I had, then move onto the refrigerator, the bathrooms, basically every room in the house. Now, I know that the purpose of the book wasn't to scare me, but ever since I read the first chapter I am scrutinizing everything that touches my family a lot harder. So in honor of this new chapter of green in our house here are some eco-friendly links and retailers that have caught my eye!!
VivaTerra : I love interior design and this design catalog has been coming to my house long before I switched from Palmolive to Method! The pieces are so natural and lovely, everything looks classy yet functional. When I make my millions my home will be full of items from this fabulous company! One of my wish list pieces is this coat rack made out of entwined roots. And who could pass up these wonderful floor pillows that look like smooth stones? : A great company that makes going green easy as pie! Green-kits are made by Eco-Logics, Inc., a Virginia-based company committed to providing earth friendly products of all kinds. These include leading brands of non-toxic household products and environmentally-friendly paper and household goods, organic baby and personal care products, and sustainable grocery bags. The prices are more than reasonable and there are many kits to choose from! My favorite is the All Green Clean Kit seen below for only $35!! (Now go purge your kitchen and go clean green!)
Baby Bunz & Co: This site is a really great resource for any mom who is thinking about reusable diapers, changing to green baby products, or just looking for something new and different for a mother to be. I have heard many great things about the diaper brand Fuzzy Bunz but I am really tempted to try Weleda Diaper Care Cream for miss AJ's rash prone tushy. : Of all the greal blogs and green sites that I have read this is one of the classiest and has the most diverse resources, without all the preachy-ness that eco sites nowadays can so easily get. I love the article called Don't Be a Turkey, Have a Green Thanksgiving, there are too many good ideas there to name!

What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another. - Gandhi

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Melissa said...

And don't forget about making your own cleaning products. I've been doing this for a long time and it saves a lot money in addition to cleaning just as well as the chemical laden cleansers (and you can still breathe afterward). There's a book at Lakewood called "Green Up Your Clean Up" that has some good recipes too. So excited that your catching the green cleaning bug too!

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