Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Halloween

Halloween is definitely one of our favorite holidays, in fact for Gabby it is THE holiday. Forget about presents, candy, and fireworks... for her Halloween is a treat that is counted down for the way most kids count down until Christmas eve or their birthdays. Every time we went into a store we had to walk by all the decorations and if anyone wants any ideas on what to get her for Christmas- just pick a Halloween decoration and wrap it up- you ill be a hit!!! =)

We love learning about how Halloween started and what it means to different people, how some people celebrate it with ritual and reverence while others see it as a chance to scare every child within a city block (like my neighbors who hire professional actors to scare kids AND adults!). We always choose our costumes soon after Halloween ends to save a few dollars and to have something to anticipate. This year Gabby had her choice of three costumes thanks to loving family and last year's buy, she was a pirate for dance class, a winter fairy to actually go trick or treating, and a genie for Boo at the Zoo. Miss AJ was a pretty little kitten just like her mama!

Since Klint had to work that night and I was on my own we chose to go out for the first hour and then hand out candy for the second which worked out really nicely. Aside from the fact that it cut down on Gabby's candy intake (she still got more than a whole bag's worth!) it gave her a chance to hand out candy too and meet lots of kids. AJ loved going around to people and visiting, although she did decline many offers for candy.

Here are some pics from this year and we already decided that AJ is going to be a cowgirl next year and Gabby is going to be a witch, her favorite Halloween symbol!

A little genie at Boo at the Zoo

My little winter fairy

A pair of kitties!

Going to the next house!

Gabby looking at all the costumed kids!

Mama and Kitten at Boo at the Zoo

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Melissa said...

The girls look so cute... Mommy too!

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