Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just breathe

Sorry to have been MIA that last couple of days, AJ has been pretty sick with a nasty virus... nothing like staying up until 1 am rocking a whimpering, fussy, snotty baby on the porch rocker. And now it looks like she passed this loveliness onto me... I am all for sharing, just not colds!

So I am struggling with the whole bathing suit thing. After much deliberation I decided again the zebra bathing suit mentioned previously for fears of being targeted by rogue safari tourists...something about my post baby belly shoved into a wild print just screamed, "Look at me!"... and not in a good way! I think I am going to head over to Dick's Sporting Goods instead and try on suits with a little more Lycra and "holding" power. Wish me luck! (I swear that the mirrors in dressing rooms are fixed to show your worst features!)

Oh, and for all you makeup mavens- E.L.F. is being bought out by Nordstroms and ALL the makeup on their site is $1.00, seriously, $1.00. AND if you type in the code Carolina then it takes 50% off the order. I just bought 10 new makeup items and it cost more to ship the stuff then the actual order cost! YAY for makeup!!!

Ok, enough typing. Time for some more meds and a nice cup of tea. Adios!!!
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