Saturday, June 7, 2008

Surf's Up SAturday!

Hmmm... almost missed this one! Shows ya what a crazy hot day this has been!

Since I just finished my first dress up project today for a little birthday girl, I have playing pretend on my mind. Here is a really cute Mermaid Costume from Magic Cabin, a really great children's store that features more natural toys and activities for kids! I love the pretty head dress that comes with it!

Next I was surfing around, and discovered a fun site called Found Magazine. What you do is when you find that random note, receipt, picture, etc on the ground you can send it in and then it will get posted. This one made me smile just because it shows that there are still nice people out there, somewhere!

There are time when I think I am crazy for trying to cram so much into a day, but I am just that kind of girl. So I enjoy reading other mom's blog because it makes me realize that I am not the only nut out there with kids, housework, a husband, and no nanny! This is one of my favorite blogs to read, and the post that got me hooked: Nanny Deprived! And since it is more than just a blog, here is a little gem that I have found while checking out the store there: super cute Carousel Rocking Horse

Ok, so I was always a fan of the carasoul at the fairs and amusement parks. Something about those horses going up and down just made me feel so special and pretty... well here is a little piece of that feeling for your little one! There are tons of different chairs there, so please peruse!!!

Finally I found a really great idea for Gabby, when she wakes in the middle of the night (for the 217th time) to make sure that she finds the bathroom (or me). Wrapables have these really fun, ultra safe night lights called Candeloo's! They are rechargable, have no wires, and are cool to the touch. I just like how mod they look!

So there ya have it- enjoy and let me know what interesting Surf's Up Saturday finds you have!!!
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