Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Surf's Up Sunday

Since I was recovering from my first week of full time kids... I mean 24/7 snacks, bubbles, walks, balls, playing, yelling, and juggling (and that was just me!)... I am doing my Surf's Up today now that everyone is napping and happy.

First up, in honor of Father's Day, is a great list of Eco-Friendly gifts for the special guy in your life brought to you by Green Living Online. My favorite idea was a gift from Heifer International that is trying to stop world hunger through gifts of livestock to farmers in 3rd world countries. Since I am all about saving the honeybees, for only $30 that is my choice!

Everyone knows that we are a big animal friendly family, so what better way to pass on that love to our kids than to read books about animals to them? Gabby is on a huge cat kick, always loved them, but now she is giving them whole monologues and translates every Meow heard in the house. This list of great cat books from Wondertime is great for new ideas on books about cats.

One of my favorite things to do on a not so hot day is fly a kite. But kites can get expensive and frustrating for little ones. Kids let go of the line, run around all nutsy, and have a hard time if there isn't tornado quality gusts. This guy, Anthony, has some great plans to make your own kites that are cheap, fly well, and are really easy to make with the kids. Love it!! This kite design, El Cheapo, is on my craft list for the next week of so.

Finally I want to share a little website that I am addicted to for interior decorating- West Elm. This store is beyond beautiful, full of great pieces that are not too fussy or ornate, just gorgeous! My favorites are the low Japanese styled beds, similar to the one that I have. Their pieces and decor are very modern-Love this!!

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