Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh Too Posh

I am in love with interior designing... especially for the really expensive, no way in hell I will ever be able to afford it, kind of pieces and designs. I used to think that Pottery Barn was top of the line, and I adore their rooms. I get tons of ideas from their catalogs and am able to bring little touches of that feel to my house, luckily thanks to some craftiness, for a lot less. Then I discovered Posh Tots. Sigh... this is the stuff that little girls dreams are made of. Furniture, clothes, and decor from this store is what fairy godmothers being to little girls to wish upon stars after a long night of dancing with frog princes. Have you ever seen the bedroom on HGTV with the Cinderella carriage for a bed and thought, "Where the heck did someone get that from"? This is where.
I realize that there is a reason why the items are so expensive... I mean, what middle class family can drop $9,000-$23, 000 for a playhouse? Hence the name Posh Tots. Yet I still peruse the site often, dreaming of ways to imitate the art and add the touch of posh to my girl's rooms. I can do some of it... for instance the tutus, the canvas artwork, the decorated wooden letters. No problem. But no way can I make a glass jeweled chandelier, a life size stuffed giraffe, or bed that doubles as a French Chateau. Here are some of my favorite pieces... I am trying to find a pattern for that darn teepee, isn't it sweet??

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