Monday, June 23, 2008


I love listening to all different kinds of music, from classical to country, latin to rock. Our music collection is huge and would take over a week of straight playing to get through all of the songs on the computer. Gabby has also developed this love and thanks to Klint will listen to parodies about the World of Warcraft, hard rock, and of course- pirate songs. Well I made a new bedtime CD for her and thought that I would share it since it is so eclectic... my favorite addition are the songs from Sandra Boynton's books.... she is awesome!!

Here are some of the songs that are on the new CD titled Pajama Time:

1. Pajama Time- Sandra Boynton- Philidelphia Chickens

2. Though Shadows Dark- Pamela Ballingham- Treasury Of Earth Mother Lullabies

3. When She Loved Me- Toy Story 2- Disney's Greatest Hits Vol. 3

4. Winter's Come & Gone- Elizabeth Mitchell- You Are My Little Bird

5. Kite Song- Patty Griffin- Impossible Dream

6. A Dormir- Latin Lullaby

7. Thula Mtwana-Ladysmith Black Mambazo- African Lullaby

8. Side by Side- Dan Zanes- Night Time!

Well there are tons more, but these are my favorites... we always add some Disney, a little Dave Matthews, and some classical as well to make it really nice and soothing, but I wanted to share some new finds from our music collection. Enjoy and sweet dreams!

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