Thursday, May 1, 2008

Who Knew?

Wow, what a week! I have discovered that between being a full time mom, completing 5 graphic design jobs this week, and getting not one job, but two, that life is pretty full. I love not having to force my kids to wake up, hurry them through their morning routines, and hand them over to someone else. Gabby was so cute the other morning, she looked at me, full smile plastered on her still sleepy face and said, "No more 'Lissa's, you no leave me any more? I like you at home with me and AJ!". Nothing could have convinced me more that I made the right choices than that!

Aside from staying at home with the girls, I am also going to be caring for 2 school age children during the day. This is perfect because I can still do all the summer things that we like to do such as go to the beach, the zoo, and the West Side Market. I won't have more diapers to change or be limited on what the day can hold. The family is very nice and a great match for us, and they like animals (even giant white drooly dogs)!! I am looking forward to days filled with crafts, the sun, and lots of fun.

I also am going to be coaching cheerleading for a new dance studio, even better I get to coach stunting! I have learned that I have an advantage over other cheerleading coaches because I am an experience stunter, which many schools don't allow in Ohio. Bonus: I do it safetly. So cheers for cheerleading!!

So that is that... my life got a little detoured but I ended up in a much better place, at home with my girls, playing with kids, and cheerleading (Which is where I wanted to be in the first place!!!!)

PS: I used some creative time to create Klint some calling cards since he was so jealous of my hot cupcake Mommy cards... of course there is a zombie theme. At least I know I am safe if there is ever a zombie uprising... =)

PPS: Oh, here is a shout out to my friends in Pyro, Hola Miss Ruta! OMG!!
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