Saturday, May 3, 2008

My First Surf's Up Saturday!

I am an internet addict. I adore just browsing other people's blogs, checking out all their links and seeing where I end up in the end of it all. I am sure that there is a 12 step program out there for someone like me, and that there are tons of others who belong there too. But there is so many interesting people who create interesting things, do neat things, and have unique views on life... how can I not check it all out?! So I am starting Surf's Up Saturday where I will list some cool sites, blogs, and products that have captured my interest. Let the surfing begin!!!!

I am going to start with the blog that started this whole blog idea- BB blog. This chickie is an information architect, and while I have no clue what that means, I adore checking out her blog to see what new things she has discovered. How cool to have a job where you get paid to surf the Web! I think the thing that hooked me was the 10:15 Project , very cool idea that may lead to a summer project for me to do with the kids!

Next I saw a great blog up that is featuring cool Mod Mother's Day gifts. I would classify my style as quirky and anyone who has seen my home knows that it is safe to expect the unexpected from the terrarium with plastic army guys fighting to the maple leaf door knobs on my cabinets. So this website fit the bill perfectly- Welcome to Modish!

From there I went in search of something green for the Earth, useful, and fun. I found a great market bag for my weekly trips to the Westside Market made out of recycled newspapers that would hold all my fruit and reduce waste, another great product from Uncommon Goods.

And finally I have to share my latest wonderful buy from Etsy- Vegan Soaps from Denis Anderson. I bought this sampler and am definitely going to be a repeat customer! I highly recommend the Chocolate Mint, very sudsy and yummy smelling... love it!!

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