Saturday, May 24, 2008

Surf's Up Saturday! A little of this... a little of that!

Ok, so I was going to do another theme... especially since we are in an "ahoying and aaarrrghing" mood in my house from listening to a great Pirate CD... but then I became a little ADDish and discovered a whole bunch of other things that have caught my eye! So here is my lil list of a little of this and a little of that!

Well, I have to share the CD that has captured my kids and husband's undivided attention. We have been listening to this CD non-stop and I am ready to don an eye patch and make someone walk the plank! Pirates of the Caribbean: Swashbuckling Sea Songs is a hit and will be sure to have you singing, "Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life's for me!".

Next is a new obsession of mine, Bento Boxes! These Japanese box lunches are so neat because it is visually appealing, houses small amounts of a lot of different foods, and keeps the food separate. As the mom of a picky 3 year old I am constantly thinking of ways to make new food fun for her. She hates most meat, balks at the thought of new things, and likes a lot of variety. So for me creating a Bento box lunch is more than worth the effort. Here is a great collection of pictures of these wonderful lunches and if you want to see a great blog about them go here to Wendolonia! This is one of my favorites from the picture pool:

Well with summer right around the corner it only means one thing... the dreaded hunt for the perfect bathing suit. Last summer was a no brainer- I was very pregnant and was going to look like a beached whale in whatever I had on so who cared what the suit looked like? But you pay a price for that peace of mind the summer after having a baby... your beach bod is not so hot and you are even more self conscious. So when I came across this swim suit at Target thanks to a great blog- Tangled and True - I dashed to the store to see if the suit was too good to be true. I can't wait to sport this sassy zebra print at the beach this summer! It is pretty, flattering, and under $50! Check it out!!

Now, I want to share another great Etsy find- beautiful canvas bags by MellisaVest. We are busy switching over from plastic to canvas in my house, and I love how easy canvas bags are to wash after a long day at the beach. These are different because they are almost artistic in their graphics and make you forget that it is a canvas bag! Love them!!

Finally I want to share a website called Plants Free for Life. After the sticker shock of the prices of little posie pots I was definitely interested in learning how to propagate my own plants. Especially since my neighbor is the original garden lady! There are tons of greenhouses in the area, but there is no reason that it should cost $15 for 10 little bitty plants that are just going to die over the winter... causing you to have to plant all over again! This website shows you how to start your own plants from cuttings to division. How cool!
This is my Gabby with a handful of worms that we dug up in the garden, ready to go to the area with the strawberries

Ok, I know I usually do more, but it is a beautiful day here in Cleveland (and you know we don't get many of those) My garden is calling and we are finding worms for another fishing trip... pics about that later! Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!!

PS: I just caught up with the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance- LA Auditions... good god! It was the return of The Good, The Bad, and The Naked! Four words: KEEP THE CLOTHES ON!!!

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