Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sorry to interrupt this regularly scheduled program

So here is what has happened in the last 3 days... we have a custom computer nicknamed Natasha. (Klint spends so much time on it that I needed a name for the other lady in his life!) Natasha is an awesome computer with top of the line software, spyware, hardware.  Klint checked his email on Natasha, went to sleep, nothing unusual. I came home a few hours later, shook the mouse to do some design work.... nothing. Black screen, wouldn't reboot or POST. Nada.

Thought that it was the power source since Natasha is on 24/7, but even when we installed a new one it was the same deal.... Natasha in a coma. So we decided to drop her off at a computer place in town and hook up Grandpa Hewitt, our old computer. Now mind you all of our important things, our music, my Photoshop files etc are on an external hard drive, so no biggie... right?

Fast forward to last night when Klint decided to play Warcraft... Grandpa Heweitt decided to self reboot... weird... 15 minutes later did it again... 5 minutes, again.... and then.... POOF! Grandpa Hewitt black screened and was in a coma, just like Natasha. $*&#^()(*&^^*@@^&#^$&!!!!!!!!!

So there goes our ability to put new music on the iPod, for me to design, basically a good portion of our life... gone. Again, F@&K!!! And that dear readers is why I have been MIA. While I do have a netbook to work on, it is slow and is a b*tch to type on.

We are thinking that it was a power surge (or two) that took out our computers  so we have some heavy cash shedding to do to get them back in working order since they are going to require a new motherboard and such. Sigh...

Meanwhile, I will try to get some more posts up about the projects I am working on, just don't look for any new graphic designs... tear.... light a candle to the tech gods in my name and pray that we can fix this problem!!! (I miss my photoshop!!!!)

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