Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DIY Strip Rag Doll

One of my good friends showed me the other day a lovely colonial rag doll that her daughter had from a festival. I loved the simplicity of it, the lack of sewing needed to make it, and the fact that little ones could even make their own with a whole bunch of them really easily. Here is how I made one for AJ:

Muslin or other fabric for head, arms, and skirt 
Other fabric for apron and head wrap
pinking shears or scissors

1. Decide how big you want your doll to be from head to bottom of the skirt. Double that length and add a little bit extra. Cut 20-30 strips about an inch or so wide.  Use pinking shears if you don't want the fabric to fray. Also decide how long you want the arms from tip to tip (arm/body/arm) and cut 15 strips also about an inch wide.

2. You can use a small ball to help shape the head or just leave it a little flatter, but just fold the strips of cloth in half (front to back) making sure that the strips are angled various ways at the bottom to form a skirt. When two long strips are left take one and fold it in half left to right to give more shape and then use the very last long one front to back which will make the face.

3. Use a thin piece of fabric or some yarn to tie off around the neck to form the head.

4. For your arms, lay all your strips on top of each other and tuck the pack under the topmost skirt strip right under where you tied the head off.

5. Use a piece of scrap fabric for the apron, I used a piece big enough to cover the body and form a longer apron. Lay it on top and tie a piece of yarn or thin scrap around to form a waist. This will also trap the arms in between the neck and waist. I tucked the top part of the fabric under the neck tie to hold it up.

6. Lastly take another piece of scrap and tie it around the head. You can tie it like a gypsy or a colonial woman. (AJ liked the gypsy head cover!!) I also took a bit of thread and tied the ends of the arms to make hands which is totally optional.

Voila!!! Instant doll for your little one! Super easy and there is room for sewing on button eyes,  making yarn hair, etc.


Melissa said...

Such a cute little AJ mommy

Anonymous said...
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