Sunday, February 15, 2009

R.I.P. My New Friend

Dear Friend,
Ok, so maybe that is a bit dramatic. But I am sad. I realize that you are a machine, and machines do not last forever. And you were sitting in a closet neglected for year's before I got up the courage to use you to make beautiful things for my family and friends. And I know that you were pretty old when you came to us after years of service....but I am still upset that you will not be working with me anymore.
So what do I do with you now? I was in the middle of a new project, about to finish a beautiful new tote bag, complete with strawberries and pretty prink stripes...and then you just stopped. I know that you have been touchy lately, once in awhile you had to have some encouragement to get going. I knew that it wasn't going to be too long before you needed a permenant vacation.
I guess I can donate you to someone who would know how to fix you, someone who will love your simplicity and hardiness. But I will miss it as well. I have looked at the other models, newer versions of you. Did you know that some of them have computer chips and will do over 50 different stitches? (I am cool with a straight and zig zag!)
Well, now I am going to pack you back up, find a good home for you, and plan my next projects while I look for a new partner to help me create the pretty things in my head. Thank you, dear ancient Singer Sewing Machine, for teaching me to sew and helping me find a new craft that I love, you will be missed!


bananaicecream said...

I miss my old machine, I don't even use half of the functions on my new one.

J. Leigh Designz said...

It sucks doesn't it! I just broke my Quickutz machine and I surely don't have the $250 it costs to replace it....damn chipboard!

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