Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What a Great Day!!

I am having a great day! It is perfect outside, a balmy 57 degrees (my ideal temp), the kids are all being really good, and I met a wonderful new friend with kids who got along with my crew like "peas and carrots"!

Today, my new friend and I took all the kids to the Rocky River Nature Center, another wonderful aspect of the Cleveland Metropark System. This was a new place for me and the kids and while it did not have a ton of animals (of course the few that it did have were snakes... of course!) there was a lot to keep the kids occupied for well over an hour. I loved how the building seemed nesteled in the woods and had lots of little nooks and cranies for the kids to see.

I am super excited because my friend also told me a little secret that I have to share with all my Cleveland readers out there- the Boonshoft Pass. Everyone here knows that Mondays are free at the Cleveland Zoo for county residents, but I personally would much rather buy a membership so I can go anytime I want and won't have to fight the crowds. But.... the membership alone is close to $80-90 for the year. And we love going to the Museum of History, but it is so pricey that we only go once a year or so. Now, thanks to hearing about this pass we will be able to go to the zoo, the Science museum, and the History museum and so many more...UNLIMITED for a year for only $69!!! Nuts huh??? Seriously- go check it out now!! (Then call me and we will go places!)

Hmmmm.... what else? Oh we had our first house showing yesterday... who knew that keeping a house "show ready" would be so challenging with 4 kids around and the animals? Since this is going sort of fast we are looking around at diffent houses all over a little more seriously. Fun fun fun!!


Prasti said...

we also like the rocky river nature center. i almost prefer it to the lake erie nature & science ctr. thanks for the info. on the pass. we'll have to take a look. we love going to the museums and such, but they do get expensive sometimes.

J. Leigh Designz said...

Sounds like a blast! Check out my blog $200+ in giveaways!

Sarah said...

AJ is sooo cute! Check out my new post...

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