Monday, February 23, 2009

New Home Found!!

Well after weeks of searching and tons of houses and apartments inspected I am proud to announce that we found our new home!!

Even though our house has been on the market for only about 2.5 weeks, we have had three showings and are having more this week. Anyone who has kids knows that trying to keep the house spotless and such is really really hard. And speaking from house hunting experience, I would much rather see an empty house than a house that is filled with someone else's stuff. So we decided that it would be best to move before the house sells.

Our new home is a lovely townhouse in a historic part of town. All the houses are huge, have tons of original woodwork, inlaid cabinet work, and best of all, a third floor that has a large play space and a separate office space. There isn't a dishwasher, but I am sure that I will be ok, most of the homes that try to keep with the historic nature don't upgrade to dishwashers.

So now we have some painting to do... lots of painting.... and I am stumped this time around. I bought Gabby some special green and blue apple fabric for curtains so a green or blue for her room. AJ will be a purple or pink, but I have no clue for the bathroom or our bedroom. (shown below) Any color schemes you love??? We are going to leave the kitchen the avocado since it will go with all my strawberry stuff, but I am all set to paint everywhere else!


Melissa said...

I'm glad you found a place that can feel like home. The pics look great- I actually like the gray in the bedroom.

Prasti said...

congratulations on finding a new home! i love the tile in the kitchen! you'll have to e-mail me your new address once you make the move :)

Jessica C said...

Wow- how awesome, and congrats to you! ;) xoxo

ikkinlala said...

Congratulations on your new home!

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