Friday, October 3, 2008


Are you a believer that there are signs all around us, pointing us in the right direction, helping us make decisions and such? Whether you believe it is a higher power's plan or karma, I definitely do.

It is funny how when you make a decision to do something or not do something all of a sudden you see signs that reinforce that choice. We have been tossing around the idea of having a dog in our family again. Not a puppy, and not from a pet store or breeder, but saving a life that is in real danger.

Which bring us to today... we have been looking at adult dogs on Petfinder, MEDIUM adult dogs and thought that we found the perfect gal. We contacted the rescue, called 3 times and emailed... no reponse. Then inspired by a friend's success (Prasti from Here to There) at the county pound recently we decided to give it a go. This particular pound has a very high kill rate, high enough for me to know that I was going to make a big difference in a life.

There were so many dogs there...scared, lonely dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and breeds. We took the kids with us (plus Cayden, my "borrowed" kid) because any dog that comes near us has to be kid friendly. It was nice because they just handed us a leash and told us to take out whoever had a white tag. (Pink tags were non-adoptable because they attacked someone). First we took out a Doxie boy who was shaking and just glad to be out for a few moments. He was cute but not too interested in us. Then we took out an older Beagle girl who had seen better days but again wasn't into visting with the humans.

We walked around some more and then saw her... a beautiful medium sized girl with the most striking eyes ever- one was brown and one was a ghostly white blue. She wasn't jumping, barking or anything, just stood there with a nice wag and interested eyes. I could tell that Klint was in love right away, he handed me AJ and grabbed the leash to take her out. It was perfect. No jumping, no pulling, just a nice walk. She ran with Klint a little bit and when I brought AJ down to see her she sniffed and gave AJ a nice gentle kiss. Didn't try to come at her too much and wasn't worried when Gabby and Cayden reached to pet her.

We wanted to bring her home today but they have to hold strays for 4 days in case they are claimed. Tomorrow if she isn't claimed she will be ours. Klint right away named her Spooky since it is October and her eyes are just too distinct... and the funny thing was, as soon as we were driving home we saw a sign for the Lakewood parade that read "Spooky Pooch" and had a dog in a ghost costume. The last indicator that we were on the right path was I got an email from the rescue with the dog we were initially interested in telling us that she was not available anymore.
So wish us luck and I will keep you posted on whether the signs were right! Hopefully here is our new pup!


Melissa said...

Beautiful puppy! Hope it works out

Prasti said...

never mind...your post answered my question :)

interesting eyes. i can't wait to hear how things turn out.

Jennifer said...

congrats on your new baby - she's adorable and i'm sure she will be an awesome addition to your family!

moxylyn said...

This is so wonderful that you adopted a pooch that otherwise might not have made it. She is absolutely gorgeous!!

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