Friday, October 10, 2008

Dog Gone Happy

We have had Spooky for about 5 days now and she is really coming out of her shell! She is still behaving really well which leads me to believe that she was someone's pet and was cared for before ending up in the pound. She is starting to get it that the cats do not enjoy being pawed or chased and always lets us know that she has to go out. My favorite things about her is that she knows basic commands plus a few extras like "spin" and that she isn't a barker. When you adopt a dog that belonged to someone else you have no clue what happened before, but we definitely lucked out and found ourself a fabulous dog! Here are some new pics (notice that she has already gained a little bit of weight!)

1 comment:

J. Leigh Designz said...

She was probably given up by someone who just couldn't afford her. Luckily you got such a well behaved dog. BTW, she has eyes like me LOL I have one blue, one brown....although its not as dramatic as that obviously LOL!

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