Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Last Couple of Days...

In the last couple of days I have...

♥ Traveled two states away to see my brother and....

♥ Visited cousins that haven't been seen in a long, long time!

♥ Bought a minivan, something that I used to dread but now am enjoying more than words can say!

 Made chocolate covered Oreos and strawberries for some special Valentines!

♥ Eaten some really good Mexican food, the best on the Westside of Cleveland actually  =)

 Got to take everyone to the zoo and 
watched Klint enjoy his new DSL camera, a long awaited birthday present!

♥ Started sewing some cute plush blocks for a special little boy

♥ Spent more money than I would admit, 
but am happy to announce that we have no more credit card debt!

♥ Taught a tap class and realized that I am ooooold! (At least in dance years!)

♥ Celebrated Klint's 29th birthday with him and the girls... 

here's to another year that my awesome husband has been here! 
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1 comment:

Ina's 5 and our Native Homeschool Blog said...

Sounds wonderful. The chocolate covered oreos and strawberries look amazing. I know when I teach a dance class I have to do so with my inhaler and a bottle of advil. Not built like I used to be for sure!

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