Monday, February 7, 2011

2 months today!

Today my little one is 2 months old.
So much about her has changed...

Moira smiles when you tell her how pretty she is,
she also loves to hear that she is funny!

She prefers to snuggle next to me in bed,
although she will lay in her crib while I shower.

Miss Mimi (as her sisters call her) hardly ever cries,
as long as mommy does not eat buffalo chicken sandwiches!

She is finally growing out of her newborn clothes,
and has been able to roll over to sleep on her side for quite a few weeks now.

This little one of mine has completely captured our hearts...
she is a wonder to have and a pleasure to hold.

Such a strong love in such a short amount of time!

Happy 2 months, my little love!

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1 comment:

Mama Whimsy said...

Layla says, "Moira has a sheepskin. That's perfect! She's so cute!"

Happy 2nd Monthday!

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