Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well Hello!

This is about as much romance as I get these days!
(photo from here!)
Hey there! Is anyone else feeling the romance in the air? Hearts, red, and lots of chocolate everywhere... Speaking of romance... one thing they forget to mention when you are having a baby is the utter lack of opportunities for romance once your little one arrives. And forget it when you have more than one! Trying to find some grownup snuggle time is akin to finding a good time to repaint my walls... I don't think that having a hubby who works third shift helps the problem either. By the end of the day I am beat, he is snoozing before work, and sure enough one of the kids needs something. Ack!

Today Miss Moira had her 2 month old doctor's appointment. The general thought is that she is cute as a button and perfect as pie. Although she has a pretty bad case of cradle cap on her face and hair line (yuck) as well as some eczema on her arms... thank goodness for Photoshop and Picnik... She wakes up looking like a little scaly dragon-baby hybrid. The only cream that seems to help is this wonderful cream by Weleda.

Homeschooling is going well with Gabby. We are tackling Dolch's Sight Words, reading comprehension, vertebrates and invertebrates, pictographs, and the great state of Ohio. I read a great article today over at Simple Homeschooling that really put the whole thing into perspective though... the most important thing I have to do with her today is just love her. Simple as that. Seriously, go here and read the article... you will feel all warm inside after!

I got an interesting email today from a fellow Etsian, asking me if I want to participate in a craft show in June. I have never done a craft show and have no clue what would sell there...  I make a lot of things... how do I choose? Do I sell a little bit of everything or just concentrate on just one or two things that people really like? Ahhh! Any advice would be welcome! Obviously if you visit here a lot you see all of my craftiness, which my kids love. But what would actually sell? I am thinking of making a whole bunch of really girly things like some pom pom tutus, fairy doors, and spoolie dolls that match hair clips.... who knows though!

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Prasti said...

is it by any chance the one that's going to be in middleburg heights? because i'm doing that one :). you should do it...the best part is we don't have to bring our own table.

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