Friday, February 25, 2011

La La Love!!

Wow, what a crazy week! So much to see and make.... I have all the pieces cut out for three pretty rainbow scarves so that will get sewed up today. Also, I am working on making my very own t-shirt rag rug from thrifted tees I bought for a song from the Salvation Army. Already I have three HUGE balls of tee shirts cut and rolled, one more to go. I can't wait to get braiding and such! But, here are some more cool projects that I have seen lately:

How cool are these, right?! I hardly have a green thumb, 
but creating these planters just might get me to actually try to keep my plants alive!
There isn't a tutorial and the actual site is in Russian,
but you can get the idea from here and sort of do your own version!

I love making my own playdough with the kids,
but getting boys to craft sometimes is challenging.
What boy wouldn't want to make his own Lego men though? 
Get the how-to here!

If you visit here often, you know that we are a pretty crafty house.
But sometimes even I run out of ideas for the kids to do...
or they want to do something on their own to surprise me.
This Action Pack is a downloadable PDF for only $5, filled with crafts, food, and fun!
It will be available for download on March 1st HERE!

Last year we did a lovely stack of Rainbow pancakes,
this year I am thinking these rainbow cupcakes might just do the trick!
Find this recipe and others from Family Circle here... 
soo many yummy things to eat!

Subway art is all the rage right now,
get your own St. Patrick's Day art here!

Well, there ya go! There are so many cool resources out there for projects,
it is hard to decide which ones to get done first!
Have a great weekend,
and for all my fellow Cleveland folks- stay warm and safe!

siggy Smaller
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