Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bank FAIL!

Oye, what a day!

We start each day with checking out bank account, just to make sure where we stand before we head out into the world and do our part to stimulate the economy. Today, like any other day, we looked at our to do list and planned accordingly. Our first stop, World Market, went off without a hitch, and so we continued to my new love- Trader Joes.

We walked around, put in our few items that we had to get (like our dog food which is the other thing I will feed her nowadays) and waited in line at the checkout. Scan the items, and swipe the debit card as usual, no credit cards for us.... and DECLINE. Huh?! Wha???!!! Ok, take a deep breathe and try again.... DECLINE!!! WTF???!!!

So we shrug our shoulders, ask the guy at the register to hold our cart, and proceed to call our bank- Key Bank. Lovely.... here is where the fun begins.

First we establish that indeed we do have money in the bank, actually, more than what we usually have this close to pay day. (yay!) Then we get a lovely little message that Key's system is down... huh? How the heck are we supposed to get our money?? So I proceed to get an actual person on the line to explain why we were declined when we have money in our account.

Key Bank does not have a good track record with us with their customer service... these people need customer service training 101. The winner who hopped on the line was no different... basically the whole system is down, there is nothing anyone can do, you are SOL, try back in a few hours. Never mind that we were buying groceries, never mind that this bank has ALL of our money since we rarely carry cash. AH! Not one apology was uttered, no explanation, nada. Just deal with it and try again later.

Well, we went to an ATM, pulled out enough to pay for the groceries and lunch, and went on our way. Definitely made us think harder though about where our money is and if it is safe and accesible.

to be continued....


elsiee said...

that's a nightmare... very scary indeed!!

Angela said...

Ugh. I hate the bank. Sorry you had to start your day out like that. Plus, that is so embarrassing.

I purchased an outdoor chair at Wal Mart last week. I could not get it to fit in my car to drive home. So, I had to return it (about 10 minutes after I purchased it) That was last Thursday. My bank has not put my $20 back in my account yet! Six days and counting to put the money in my account...less than a minute to take it out.

J. Leigh Designz said...

That stinks! I'd be pulling my account if this is a regular thing!

Melissa said...

That's not a fun way to get the morning going. We have Key too, but we haven't had any problems with them like we did at Charter One... yet.

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