Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Simply Sublime Stiching!

Ready-to-Stitch ECO TOTE
"FLORAL FANTASY" by Jenny Hart
Limited Edition

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This is the tote that I bought from Sublime Stitching last week! When I saw the design at first I was sort of intimidated, but once I started going with it I just got caught up in choosing colors and deciding what I wanted to fill in and such.
And this is my "finished" tote! (I say "finished because I may all stuff onto it and fill in some more of the leaves and flowers.) I had so much fun with it that I may do another for a friend!! Best thing is that it was majorly cheap and even Eco-friendly!! What do you think??



1 comment:

elsiee said...

I think you're super talented and that I need to cultivate more talented friends like you that would even consider doing that much work on a gift for little ole me!!

guess that makes you talented and a sweet friend!!

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