Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

What a great day! I got to sleep in, a coveted privilege as many of you mommies out there know, was brought breakfast in bed, went to the mall and bought some new undies (one of my guilty pleasures), and got some great gifts from Klint and the girls.
Here is what I got:

and my personal favorite (that Klint found is being discontinued)
Seriously, if you like bubble baths (another guilty pleasure) then give this stuff a try. The bubbles last forever and smell divine!!

Along with these wonderful smell goods I also got a wonderful Strawberry cookie jar from a great consignment shop in Bedford. It is our tradition to give me something with strawberries for every holiday.
(If you aren't allergic to cats and like antique shopping, go to The Purrfect Place . Run by an ancient little old lady, all proceeds go to feline rescue)

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