Sunday, May 24, 2009

Something Different

I love Etsy simply for the fact that there are things that you would never see anywhere else. I stumbled onto this beautiful and different set of wedding bands and immediately fell in love. They are so unique and earthy.... I know what I am saving my pennies for!
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Titanium and Wood Inlay Wedding Band Set
Titanium and Wood Inlay Wedding Band Set
The men's band is a wider titanium band with a double inlay of narrow wood strips (manzanita burl is pictured.) The narrower ladies' band has one thin, centered inlay. While widths on these bands are totally customizable, as pictured they are 5/16" (7.5mm) and 3/8" (5.25mm). Other woods can be inlaid in place of manzanita, as well. These bands can be made in any size up to US 17.
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elsiee said...

those are lovely very earthy!

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