Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireworks, Funny Animals, and Flowers... oh my!

I am taking a break from my surfing for the holiday. I hope that everyone else's 4th of July was as fun and safe as mine was. Our only casualty was when Gabby picked up a warm sparkler, but a little ice and a kiss fixed that. We had a great day here in Lakewood with the parade in the morning, a barbecue with the neighbors in the afternoon, and then front row seats on our lawn for the fireworks at night.

I have also added to my garden these past couple of days. We now have sunflowers, jack o' lanterns, begonias, sweet peas, and impatiens. Oh and a mulberry tree.... YUMMO! I love being able to just add a little bit as I go along and to make it as haphazard and whimsical as I wish.

Finally, my other project is my late night thing. Nothing says relaxation like my favorite movie, some gatorade, and.... sock animals! Yes, that is right. I am at it again making funny little stuffed animals for my girls and their friends. My newest additions are a striped zebra and an argyle bunny. I even added ribbon for the mane and tail on my zebra!

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