Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Little Bit of Home

I just came back from a little weekend trip to good ol' NY and am already missing the familiar. Not that I don't adore my home in Lakewood... I am sure that I will do a similar post about it in the future. But there is just no beating that feeling of knowing everything about everywhere, like where the best deli is, what the local favorite drink it, or being able to talk like everyone else without feeling self conscious. I get picked on by my loving husband for saying things like, "Take the I-90 east to the 71 south and get off by the Walmart" or "I am going to sweep the kitchen floor then vacuum the rug". But in NY that is ok. So here is a quick list of some must have information if you are going to be traveling to Niagara Falls, NY or the general WNY area.

Three words- Aunt Rosie's Loganberry. Go to the grocery store and get some. It may be the best thing you ever do. This lovely non-carbonated drink is sweet and, according to Klint, tastes like sno-cone syrup... yum!

A good place to get it is at Anderson's Frozen Custard on Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst. While you are there try the roast beef on Kimmelweck... it is really tasty.

Chicken Finger Subs.... another NY favorite. My pizzaria of choice is Gino's Pizza Place in Tonawanda. I have been going there since I was a little girl and have grown up on the chicken fingers. And for all you OH people reading this... it is NOT normal to get ranch dressing with chicken fingers... you always get blue cheese, steak fries, celery and carrots.

If you are looking for something fun to do take a little trail ride at Spark's Trading Post on Grand Island. This place is known for it's ability to seat most sizes of riders since they have some mix draft horses. My husband had a ball last time we went. The horses are available in three levels of horsemanship- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Note-the workers can tell how advanced you are right off the bat so don't try to lie... plus, the advanced horses will school you if you don't know what you are doing! I love this place because you are allowed to canter and gallop if you are advanced enough, and even the intermediates get up to a good trot!
And finally... if you really want some excitement there is a whole bunch of fun places to go. You could see a hockey game with the Buffalo Sabres, go see a dance concert by the local dance company- Pick of the Crop, you can gamble at the Seneca Niagara Casino, or go to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

Well that is all from me... I am off to bed.... it is only 3 hours to NY but with little ones it is mighty stressful! Goodnight!
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