Sunday, September 14, 2008

Surf's Up Saturday- The Apple of My Eye

Fall is here!!! I love it more than mere words can descibe. The promise of cool nights with candles aglow, warm apple pies, crisp breezes, and colorful foliage all around me. This is the thing that keeps me going all summer long through those dreadfully humid days. (Well that and fair food!) So here's to apples, pumpkins, and fall... may it last longer than a few weeks!

Here is a simple apple crafts that is perfect for a last minute fall getogether: take 12 apples, bob them in water to see how each floats, mark a dot at the top that is floating, take the apples out of the water and trace a tea light over the dot, cut as deep as the tealight all the way around, dab some orange juice where the cut is so the apple does not brown (lemon juice works as well), pop the tealights in and viola! Instant center piece. You can also just put the apples in a pretty non-flammable bowl on a table for an inside party. Picture above is from Martha Stewart Living

Here is a great craft from Wondertime... a fave site of mine for cute crafts... see the flower tees from before! Submerge a peeled apple for about 5 minutes in water with 2 tablespoons of salt and the juice from one lemon. Then use a skewer to carve eyes, a nose, and a mouth. The bigger the features, the more dramatic the outcome. Set the carved apple in a warm spot and watch the face of your wise friend emerge over the next two weeks.

Isn't this beautiful?! Yet another work of art from a very talented Etsy seller- IronOakForge

This room by Pottery Barn inspires me sooo much... I love quilts that look like this... the color of the foot stool is awesome as well!

AJ's new tee shirt.... the girl loves her dollies! Made by Ellabee- very cool tees!

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